Indianapolis Marathon Training Week #8

hello week

Am I seriously already halfway through my training for the Indianapolis Marathon? Where the %^&$* did the time go?


Last week was pretty solid, except I only had one real “workout” – Wednesday morning’s tempo that would be more aptly described as a progression run. Or something like that. I did do a long run on Friday that ended up being 2 miles less than the plan, but I’m still pretty happy with it. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s the rundown:

Monday: Off. Lots of glorious sleep. But not really, because my toddler is going through some things and had quite a few wake-ups last week. Andy and I use the phrase “going through some things” anytime Max has unexplained fussy or sleepless behavior 🙂

Tuesday: 6 miles total. 4 miles at lunch (8:30 average pace) + 2 miles late night (8:34 average pace)that weren’t really necessary, but I was frustrated with life stuff and needed to run off some aggression.

Wednesday: 6.2 miles. First mile at 8:40 then 7:59, 7:47, 7:34, 7:26, 7:57 and the last .2 at 8:17

Wednesday morning run
Wednesday morning run

Thursday: 10 miles total. 7.1 miles AM (9:08 average pace), 3 miles PM (8:35 average pace) outside. Max goes to my in-law’s house on Thursdays and they drop him off around 6. Which means if I can get home by 5:30 I can squeeze in a run. Made it home at the exact same time my in-laws got there. Max was grossed out by the “wetty hug” I gave him 🙂


Friday: 17 miles total. 16 mile long run with the first 10 easy pace, last 6 at tempo pace. My original plan was to do 18 miles with 8 at tempo pace, but I ran out of time. My legs were also toast, so if I had not run out of time, I probably would have done the last two as cooldown miles. I was beat.  Splits from Strava:


My Garmin said I ran 16.05 miles, while Strava says 16.4. Not sure which one is right, so I’m just going with my Garmin as far as mileage goes. I felt really strong those last 6 miles. I never would have believed even a year ago that I could hold those paces after already running 10 miles. I really don’t even believe them even though the numbers are right there in front of me. Did that really happen? I feel as if a BQ might be possible, especially after how good this felt. But, who knows? The hecklers in my brain (I imagine they look like Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets) are telling me this was a fluke or a computer error. Who knows? I’m just going to keep doing the work and will see where it gets me.

Where did the additional mile for the 17 mile total come from? My drill sergeant trainer, AKA Max, insisted that we run to the park. My legs were shot, so I figured I would walk him instead of run and take the shortest possible route. He kept saying “Faster, momma. Faster!” So I ended up jogging the ~half mile there and ~half mile back. I usually take the long route, so I wore my Garmin just to see the distance when I don’t add in any extras.


Saturday: 7 miles total. 3.1 miles AM (9:19 average pace), 4 miles (9:00 average pace) during Max’s nap. I wasn’t planning to do the 4-miler, but I was itching to run and I told myself I could as long as I kept it easy.


Sunday: 7 miles total. 4.3 miles AM (8:45 average pace), 2.7 miles (8:34 average pace) on the treadmill during nap time.

tmill run

Total: 53 miles

I’m happy with this, but I really don’t want to increase my mileage any more than this. I’d like to keep it in the upper 40s to low 50s and increase the quality, not the quantity, from here on out. I have the tendency to run junk miles whenever I get the chance (see Saturday and Sunday’s afternoon treadmill miles). Maybe those doubles are helping, but most likely they are just making me more tired. I woke up this morning feeling like I was hit by a bus and I’m sure it’s because of the added miles this weekend. I think I would have been better served by taking the day completely off on Saturday. Note to self: You don’t need to run ALL the miles.

In other news, Max and I had a fun weekend. If you’re new here, my husband works pretty much all weekend long, so it’s the Max and Mommy show Friday afternoon through Monday morning. Friday afternoon was when I hobbled him in the jogging stroller over to the park. We played there for HOURS. We have a game called “Slippery Slide” (Max named it), where he sits at the top of the slide and I climb up. When I get to the top, I act like I’m slipping off and I say “Max, save me! It’s so slippery!” and then he “saves me” by pushing me back down the slide. He gets really proud of himself and says “Saved Mommy!” He doesn’t quite get the saving concept, obviously 🙂

Saturday my friend and I took Max and her son, who is the same age as Max, to a kids’ workshop at Lowe’s. They were so too young for it and were not interested at all. She and I tried to do the project, but we couldn’t read the directions. Mommy fail, haha. We ended up bailing and letting the kids run around the store for awhile. The staff loved us (sarcasm).


Boys and their tools! I love how it looks like they are legit shopping for stuff. Max is saying
Boys and their tools! I love how it looks like they are legit shopping for stuff. Max is saying “You see buddy, you need this doohickey to fix your broken tricycle.”

Sunday, Max and I went to our favorite place, the Children’s Museum. We go here at least twice a month. We spent a lot of time looking at and playing with trains.


The Museum has a giant glass sculpture in the center by Dale Chihuly called “Fireworks of Glass.” It’s STUNNING. It extends all the way from the first floor to the fourth and is the focal point of the museum. In the basement, you can go underneath the sculpture and look at it from below. There’s also a bunch of fake “glass” pieces that kids can play with and create their own sculptures with. Max loved it!

colored glasscolored glass 2colored glass 3

Sunday afternoon and evening were spent cleaning, playing and grocery shopping. Max woke up early from his nap, so I went and got him. I sat on the couch with him and he promptly fell asleep. I ended up holding him for about an hour while watching 27 Dresses and eating Skinny Pop white cheddar popcorn. It was blissful.

Whew, that was a long recap! Cheers to a new week and being halfway to the start line!

P.S. – I started an Instagram just for Motherhood and Marathons! If you follow my personal insta and you want to see more running-related stuff, follow my m&m insta! If you don’t follow me, please do @motherhood_and_marathons !! 

How was your training last week? What did you do this weekend?


Friday, Hot Mom Check-In and Randomness!


Happy Friday! And not only is it Friday, quite possibly one of the best days of the week – rivaled only by Saturday and Sunday – it’s also a 3-day weekend. I’m doing the Mickey Mouse “Hot Dog” dance right now just thinking about it.

Did I really just reference Mickey Mouse? It’s official – I’m a mom with little-to-no pop-culture knowledge 🙂

I’ll keep this post short and sweet since this week has been fairly uneventful. Before I forget though, I have to give a big thank you to Jonesin’ For A Run for featuring me in their “Hot Mom Check-In.” What an honor! Here’s the post if you’re interested in checking it out!

Running this week has been fun. No pressure, just fun running. That’s the way I like it. I took Sunday (the day after my race) off from running, but got back into it on Monday. The running week so far:

Monday: 4.15 miles AM (9:15 pace)

2 miles PM w/ jogging stroller (9:30 pace)

Tuesday: 5 miles PM (8:20 first 3 miles, 8:00 last 2)

Wednesday: 3.5 miles AM (9:00 pace)

      4.5 miles PM (8:13 pace)

Thursday: 3.5 miles PM (8:45 pace)

Friday: TBD

It’s been a decent running week and my legs are feeling good. Marathon training, here I come!

And now some randomness to end the week:

Max is obsessed with feeding me blueberries!
Max is obsessed with feeding me blueberries!
This drink is my new expensive addiction.
This drink is my new expensive addiction.
Max becomes catatonic - or maxatonic - when Mickey Mouse is on!
Max becomes catatonic – or maxatonic – when Mickey Mouse is on!

That’s it for this week! This weekend will be full of racing parties – it’s Indy 500 weekend!!!(only the biggest weekend in Indianapolis) – hopefully some pool time, play dates and NO WORK! 

What’s everyone doing this weekend? Anyone watching the Indy 500, or better yet, coming to Indy to watch it in person? I can give you tips on where to eat and what to avoid 🙂

Have a great weekend, blog friends!

Stick To The Plan… A Cautionary Tale

Well, I ran my first race of 2015 on Saturday.

Ready to race! Though, I ditched the headband for a hat when it started raining right before the start
Ready to race! Though, I ditched the headband for a hat when it started raining right before the start




A 2-minute PR. I’m happy with that, but I really had my sights set on 1:44 or better. I think I was prepared for it and I was trained for it.

Yes, it was humid. Yes, I had an unwelcome visitor with me (Aunt Flo). Yes, the roads were very slick.

You can kind of see the start line - my photography skills are on point!
You can kind of see the start line – my photography skills are on point!

Did any of those factors keep me from hitting the time I wanted? NO. I’ve raced under all those conditions before. The outside factors had nothing to do it. It was ME. I can’t blame the weather or anything else.

So what happened? In a nutshell: I went out too fast.

Way too fast. Like WTF was I thinking fast?

You would think someone who has run 7 half marathons and 7 full marathons would have this stuff figured out. And in my head, I did have it figured out. I had a solid plan.

I just didn’t follow it 🙂 Oops…

The plan to hit 1:44 (7:47 pace) was to run the first half or so in the upper 7’s and then let ‘er rip in the last half.

If you’re ready for a good laugh, here’s what I actually did:


Not sure what this missing data business is, but here are the missing splits from my Garmin. *Note: I started my watch late, which is why the time is behind my official time*


Miles 10, 11 and 12 were ROUGH!


If anyone is looking for lessons on how to positive split like a boss, hit me up. I have plenty of valuable tips, such as:

  • Go out at your 5K pace in the first mile
  • Know you can’t hang on, but get so caught up in the crowds and the fasties around you that you keep trying
  • Realize you’re CRAZY and you need to get back on track around mile 3ish and think maybe it’s not too late to get it together
  • Start to lose your wheels around mile 7
  • Keep it together until mile 10ish, when you essentially give-up
  • Walk some – Hey, why not?
  • Finish strong, when it’s too little too late

Now, seriously, I am happy with my PR. For real. But, I am also just a little disappointed about not hitting 1:44 like I wanted.


And, crazily enough, I’m also a little bit glad. I needed to have a shitty race. I haven’t had a bad race since before I had Max. Racing since my comeback after Max in 2013 has been going well. I’ve PR’d both the half and the full, and I’ve ran some fun races. I’ve been smart, but conservative.

I didn’t run conservative today. I ran the exact OPPOSITE. And it sucked, and I slogged through it those last few miles.

But, I finished. I toughed it out. I seriously wanted to peel off the course and call my husband to come pick me up.

And I learned a valuable lesson: DON’T GO OUT TOO FAST.

Plus, this gem: STICK TO THE PLAN.

I could give you a blow-by-blow of the miles, but I think the splits above speak for themselves 🙂

So, now I’m in this position where I know I could have done so much better if I had followed my initial plan—I think. So, do I run another half in the next few weeks to redeem myself? There are a number of them in my area in the next few weeks. Namely, one in a nearby city on a Sunday—husband doesn’t work until 4 Sundays—so it’s kind of perfect. Or do I just enjoy the PR and chill until marathon training starts mid-June and run a half during training (probably in September)?

I’m not really sure what I want to do. Racing too soon could result in injury, just for the sake of redeeming myself to myself. That’s kind of silly.

I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, I’ll be recovering from the race with plenty of sweets and wine. And hopefully I’ll have some hilariously awful official race photos soon to share that we can all laugh at.

Any advice on whether I should squeeze in a redemption race soon? Anyone else ever done it? 

Tell me about your weekend! Did you race? I hope it went better than mine 🙂

When Life Hands You Lemons and 24 Hours To Go

When life hands you lemons…

Eat them!



Thanks for the life wisdom, Max.

Did you know I’m running a race tomorrow? I haven’t talked about it at all 😉

I’m pretty excited and a lot less nervous than I thought I would be. After my meltdown the other night, I’m feeling ready to run out my stress. There’s nothing like a good run to clear out the clutter and put things into perspective. I NEED tomorrow’s run for my mental health!

My goal is to run a 1:44. 

I could possibly run 1:42 if it’s an amazing day.

A PR (better than 1:48) is my fallback goal. 

Overall though, I just want to enjoy myself. Shake off my stress, negative feelings and doubts and enjoy the sport that has given me so much these last 12+ years.  

And then come home to this guy:  


What are you up to this weekend? Anyone racing?

Taper Week Exhaustion

My little family
My little family and no, I’m not naked. Just wearing a strapless dress 🙂

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all!!! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and got to celebrate the moms in their life—or be celebrated!

I love my mom and my MIL, but I'm not sharing my Diet Coke with anyone. Nice try.
I love my mom and my MIL, but I’m not sharing my Diet Coke with anyone. Nice try.

We had a great day. My in-laws came over and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast that my husband cooked. I slipped out right after we were done eating and went to my nephew’s dedication ceremony at my sister’s church.

My nephew getting dedicated. He looked like he was really into it!
My nephew getting dedicated. He looked like he was really into it!

I dashed out after it was over and rejoined our celebration at my house. It was pretty low key, but so much fun. I’m not sure I tell my mother-in-law how much she means to me and how much I appreciate all she does for us, so it was nice to have that opportunity.

I slept a little late, so only managed to squeeze a couple of miles in Sunday morning. So I went back out during Max’s nap and ran a few miles. I came home to find my husband rocking and singing to him—my heart always melts when my husband sings to Max—trying to get him back to sleep. I ended up changing quickly and taking him from my husband (who needed to get ready for work) and cuddled him on the couch. It was actually a nice Mother’s Day present to get some extra cuddles with my favorite little guy.

Poor Max had to snuggle with a greasy, post-run mommy!
Poor Max had to snuggle with a greasy, post-run mommy!
Another pic with my favorite guy from this weekend
Another pic with my favorite guy from this weekend

Overall, it was a great day. I didn’t get to see my mom until last night (Monday night) when we celebrated with my family. We had a fun get together at my parents house that included Chinese food and lots of babies—my sister and her husband have a 6-month old and my brother and his wife have 6-month old twins(and a 4-year-old!)—and I forgot to take any pictures. FAIL.

NOT from yesterday - Family pics a few months ago so you can see all the BABIES! And of course Max, who looks thrilled to be in the picture, and my nephew Rory down in front :)
NOT from yesterday – Family pics a few months ago so you can see all the BABIES! And of course Max, who looks thrilled to be in the picture, and my nephew Rory down in front 🙂

Changing tracks, my running last week was decent. I need to start writing down my mileage because, yeah, I’m not really sure how many miles I ran. I know I can use my watch to figure it out, but I don’t always wear it when I run with the stroller or when I run on the treadmill. One of my top goals for marathon training this summer is to keep a running log and stick to it.

Running selfie from last week. I'm way too excited to be on the treadmill at 11 PM. Also, don't mind all the toys behind the treadmill!
Running selfie from last week. I’m way too excited to be on the treadmill at 11 PM. Also, don’t mind all the toys behind the treadmill!

So yeah, if I scrape my fuzzy memory, I think I ran somewhere in the low to mid 30s for mileage—definitely a jump down from the week before. I felt very sluggish during most of last week’s runs. I think the few doubles and one triple I ran the week before that, plus a 12-miler with speed incorporated, kicked my buns. My body has been screaming at me for rest, and I’m trying to oblige.

Resting and drinking lots of juice! This is my current favorite!
Resting and drinking lots of juice! This is my current favorite!

Last week was a cut-back week and now this week (race week!), I’ll be focusing on less mileage and easy paces. I took yesterday completely off and I definitely needed it. This morning I ran 4 miles and focused on keeping my pace in the low 9s. My average pace this morning was a 9:05.

Foam rolling while little man plays
Foam rolling while little man plays

I’m still feeling tired and a bit sluggish, though not as sore as I had been for the past few weeks. I’ve been foam rolling like it’s my job, so that’s helping! The plan this week is to eat well, rest well and get ready to race my heart out on Saturday!

Max isn't sure why he hangs out with these two goofballs...
Max isn’t sure why he hangs out with these two goofballs..

 Do you like tapering?

Not usually, but this time I needed it! I’m excited to see how my training and tapering will pay off this weekend!

Are you a juice-lover?

I’m becoming one. Carrot juice is my new obsession.

Have a great Tuesday!

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday!

Our weekend was busy and so much fun. We went to the Indianapolis Zoo on Saturday, then on Sunday we celebrated Max’s birthday with our families. To say I’m exhausted would be an understatement. But it was a blast. Here’s a snippet of our weekend in pics:

Watching the Giraffes
Watching the Giraffes
He ran up this "wobbly bridge" roughly 10 times
He ran up this “wobbly bridge” roughly 10 times


Lizard obsessed
Lizard obsessed

zool1 zoo4 zoo3maxselfie lawn mower family eting cake playing cake carscake max&momcake

Someone had too much fun!

On the running front I had a pretty good week. I ran 41 miles total, with a fast-for-me 9-miler Sunday after the party. Daily mileage breakdown:

Monday- 5 miles at lunch

Tuesday – 2 miles w/ the jogging stroller

Wednesday – 7 miles AM, 2 miles PM w/ the stroller

Thursday – 3.5 miles AM, PM – 2.5 miles

Friday – 4 miles AM, 4 miles afternoon, 2 miles PM w/ jogging stroller

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – 9 miles

Total = 41 miles

My half mary is less than 2 weeks away. Wooohooo!

Have a great week!

What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite animal to see at the zoo? 

Max loved the Gibbons – they are in the ape family. They kept swinging around and Max was so excited he squealed. It was ADORABLE. 

How was your running/cross-training/cycling or whatever last week?

Pretty good – Feeling strong and ready to race





Triple Header


I woke up today with a running hangover. Yes, that is a thing. I’m not sore, my legs just feel tired, heavy and sluggish. And they keep asking me, “what did we do last night?”

oh yeah, we did this. after a double.

I ran three times yesterday. This was not intentional. I ran an easy 4-miler in the morning. I felt tired and my Garmin was jacked up and telling me all kind of crazy paces and saying I had run 1 mile when I knew I had only gone about .75. It was annoying, to say the least, but it was a beautiful morning and I was happy to be out.

I worked from home. At nap time for Max, my husband told me to leave. Haha – in a nice way. Max was really wound up and just wanted to play with mommy. We figured if I left for awhile he would settle down and sleep. (Spoiler alert: He didn’t nap. At all. All the parents out there are shuddering at the thought of a almost 2-year-old without sleep.)


I did a quick 4 miles in 30-minutes and it felt pretty good. When I came home, Max was still up. He didn’t nap at all. He usually sleeps for 2-3 hours. Eek – not good. A toddler with no nap is a scary, scary thing.

Needless to say, he was pretty tough last night. Very demanding, very whiny, still very cute, though. I had to have a lot of patience and chocolate and peanut butter to get through our evening alone 🙂 

old picture, but pretty much sums up how last night went.

Around 7:15, he asked me to go running. And by ask I mean he screamed “running with mommy!” Over and over again. Haha my legs were shot already, but this was one battle I didn’t want to fight. I figured I’d do an easy walk/jog.

We set out at an easy pace and he kept telling me to go faster. He’s a tough running coach, I tell ya. But he fell silent after about a mile and a half. At the 2 mile marker I peeked and he was asleep. Hallelujah!! Birds sang, the sun shined. Haha, but seriously when you know your kid needs sleep and they’ve been fighting it all day, it feels like a miracle when they finally fall asleep. 

passed out

I jogged home, managed to get him out of the car seat and into his crib without him stirring. He didn’t wake up until 7 this morning! He’s one happy, well-rested kid today!

But yeah, my legs are SHOT. It definitely feels like I did a lot more than 10ish miles yesterday. Maybe because of how the runs were spread out, with a fast-ish run in the middle and a jogging stroller run in the evening? 

We have a busy weekend ahead. Today we’re going to the zoo, or the “place where animals live” as Max calls it.

Then we need to prep for Max’s little birthday party tomorrow. I can’t believe my guy will be 2 on May 7th! We’re doing just a small family party at our house tomorrow. Last year I did a bigger party that was all themed out and it was exhausting. Pinterest mom, I am not.

Have a great weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?

Ever ran a triple? 

Are you Pinterest-y? Can you make Pinterest crafts or recipes without an epic fail?

No, I am many things, but crafty is not one of them. Or a pretty/fancy/creative cook. Or organized.