Friday, Hot Mom Check-In and Randomness!


Happy Friday! And not only is it Friday, quite possibly one of the best days of the week – rivaled only by Saturday and Sunday – it’s also a 3-day weekend. I’m doing the Mickey Mouse “Hot Dog” dance right now just thinking about it.

Did I really just reference Mickey Mouse? It’s official – I’m a mom with little-to-no pop-culture knowledge 🙂

I’ll keep this post short and sweet since this week has been fairly uneventful. Before I forget though, I have to give a big thank you to Jonesin’ For A Run for featuring me in their “Hot Mom Check-In.” What an honor! Here’s the post if you’re interested in checking it out!

Running this week has been fun. No pressure, just fun running. That’s the way I like it. I took Sunday (the day after my race) off from running, but got back into it on Monday. The running week so far:

Monday: 4.15 miles AM (9:15 pace)

2 miles PM w/ jogging stroller (9:30 pace)

Tuesday: 5 miles PM (8:20 first 3 miles, 8:00 last 2)

Wednesday: 3.5 miles AM (9:00 pace)

      4.5 miles PM (8:13 pace)

Thursday: 3.5 miles PM (8:45 pace)

Friday: TBD

It’s been a decent running week and my legs are feeling good. Marathon training, here I come!

And now some randomness to end the week:

Max is obsessed with feeding me blueberries!
Max is obsessed with feeding me blueberries!
This drink is my new expensive addiction.
This drink is my new expensive addiction.
Max becomes catatonic - or maxatonic - when Mickey Mouse is on!
Max becomes catatonic – or maxatonic – when Mickey Mouse is on!

That’s it for this week! This weekend will be full of racing parties – it’s Indy 500 weekend!!!(only the biggest weekend in Indianapolis) – hopefully some pool time, play dates and NO WORK! 

What’s everyone doing this weekend? Anyone watching the Indy 500, or better yet, coming to Indy to watch it in person? I can give you tips on where to eat and what to avoid 🙂

Have a great weekend, blog friends!


Moving On

We’re halfway through the week people. That’s cause for a celebration

Parks and Rec gifs make my life complete
Parks and Rec gifs make my life complete

This week has been chugging along and I’m feeling good. After Saturday’s Race, I was sore and tired. I took the day off and had some good times with the little dude I never, ever talk about here 😉


We went to the new Hot Wheels exhibit at the Children’s Musuem, which was basically like heaven for my car-obsessed kid. There’s also a cool area at the museum that is specifically for younger kids that Max adores. He let out his inner monkey and climbed all the way to the top of this climbing-thing (that’s not the official name).




We also went to my parent’s house for my brother’s dinner and had more baby time. Max spent a significant portion of the evening sitting on a chair reading. He’s doing that more and more and I can’t be more proud. From as far back as I can remember, I had my nose in a book. He’s definitely taking after his mommy in that respect!

So it was a busy rest of the weekend after my half marathon. I didn’t have a lot of time to reflect, but when I did, I realized I was being kind of silly. So it didn’t make some arbitrary time goal I had set for myself. Who cares? I PR’d by 2 minutes on a somewhat hilly—by Indiana standards—course. I got to run with a thousand of my fellow runners, see some friends I hadn’t seen in years, and run on roads I’ve known since childhood. Yes, I struggled because I went too fast, but it will just make me a smarter racer for the next one. Maybe 😉

Speaking of the next one, there will be no redemption race in the next few weeks. I can tell just on the few runs I’ve done this week that my body certainly needs a break. I’d rather just set racing aside for a few months and focus on getting stronger and faster for my fall marathon. Training starts the second week of June– let the games begin!!

Also, thank you all for your advice and encouragement after my race. It’s amazing to have a sounding board of fellow runners out there. You all rock!

Oh hey – I also forgot to mention that Hanna set up a blog roll of amazing running bloggers who are all training for fall marathons (and there are some on there running other distances as well!) Check it out here and follow along as we all get ready to crush our races this fall!

Stick To The Plan… A Cautionary Tale

Well, I ran my first race of 2015 on Saturday.

Ready to race! Though, I ditched the headband for a hat when it started raining right before the start
Ready to race! Though, I ditched the headband for a hat when it started raining right before the start




A 2-minute PR. I’m happy with that, but I really had my sights set on 1:44 or better. I think I was prepared for it and I was trained for it.

Yes, it was humid. Yes, I had an unwelcome visitor with me (Aunt Flo). Yes, the roads were very slick.

You can kind of see the start line - my photography skills are on point!
You can kind of see the start line – my photography skills are on point!

Did any of those factors keep me from hitting the time I wanted? NO. I’ve raced under all those conditions before. The outside factors had nothing to do it. It was ME. I can’t blame the weather or anything else.

So what happened? In a nutshell: I went out too fast.

Way too fast. Like WTF was I thinking fast?

You would think someone who has run 7 half marathons and 7 full marathons would have this stuff figured out. And in my head, I did have it figured out. I had a solid plan.

I just didn’t follow it 🙂 Oops…

The plan to hit 1:44 (7:47 pace) was to run the first half or so in the upper 7’s and then let ‘er rip in the last half.

If you’re ready for a good laugh, here’s what I actually did:


Not sure what this missing data business is, but here are the missing splits from my Garmin. *Note: I started my watch late, which is why the time is behind my official time*


Miles 10, 11 and 12 were ROUGH!


If anyone is looking for lessons on how to positive split like a boss, hit me up. I have plenty of valuable tips, such as:

  • Go out at your 5K pace in the first mile
  • Know you can’t hang on, but get so caught up in the crowds and the fasties around you that you keep trying
  • Realize you’re CRAZY and you need to get back on track around mile 3ish and think maybe it’s not too late to get it together
  • Start to lose your wheels around mile 7
  • Keep it together until mile 10ish, when you essentially give-up
  • Walk some – Hey, why not?
  • Finish strong, when it’s too little too late

Now, seriously, I am happy with my PR. For real. But, I am also just a little disappointed about not hitting 1:44 like I wanted.


And, crazily enough, I’m also a little bit glad. I needed to have a shitty race. I haven’t had a bad race since before I had Max. Racing since my comeback after Max in 2013 has been going well. I’ve PR’d both the half and the full, and I’ve ran some fun races. I’ve been smart, but conservative.

I didn’t run conservative today. I ran the exact OPPOSITE. And it sucked, and I slogged through it those last few miles.

But, I finished. I toughed it out. I seriously wanted to peel off the course and call my husband to come pick me up.

And I learned a valuable lesson: DON’T GO OUT TOO FAST.

Plus, this gem: STICK TO THE PLAN.

I could give you a blow-by-blow of the miles, but I think the splits above speak for themselves 🙂

So, now I’m in this position where I know I could have done so much better if I had followed my initial plan—I think. So, do I run another half in the next few weeks to redeem myself? There are a number of them in my area in the next few weeks. Namely, one in a nearby city on a Sunday—husband doesn’t work until 4 Sundays—so it’s kind of perfect. Or do I just enjoy the PR and chill until marathon training starts mid-June and run a half during training (probably in September)?

I’m not really sure what I want to do. Racing too soon could result in injury, just for the sake of redeeming myself to myself. That’s kind of silly.

I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, I’ll be recovering from the race with plenty of sweets and wine. And hopefully I’ll have some hilariously awful official race photos soon to share that we can all laugh at.

Any advice on whether I should squeeze in a redemption race soon? Anyone else ever done it? 

Tell me about your weekend! Did you race? I hope it went better than mine 🙂

When Life Hands You Lemons and 24 Hours To Go

When life hands you lemons…

Eat them!



Thanks for the life wisdom, Max.

Did you know I’m running a race tomorrow? I haven’t talked about it at all 😉

I’m pretty excited and a lot less nervous than I thought I would be. After my meltdown the other night, I’m feeling ready to run out my stress. There’s nothing like a good run to clear out the clutter and put things into perspective. I NEED tomorrow’s run for my mental health!

My goal is to run a 1:44. 

I could possibly run 1:42 if it’s an amazing day.

A PR (better than 1:48) is my fallback goal. 

Overall though, I just want to enjoy myself. Shake off my stress, negative feelings and doubts and enjoy the sport that has given me so much these last 12+ years.  

And then come home to this guy:  


What are you up to this weekend? Anyone racing?


I’ve been trippin’ lately – literally and figuratively. I’m also showing my age by saying trippin’, right?

I’m generally a positive person, I think. I definitely believe in The Secret, put out positivity into the world and it will come back to you and all that. I’m usually good for a few months and then I just have a meltdown. Said meltdown occurred last night.

I just feel like I’m failing a lot. Like I’m treading water and trying not to drown. I have so much to do and there’s not enough hours in the day to do it. Ultimately, I’m not getting everything done that I need to. I feel like I’m dropping the ball in every facet of my life – as a wife, a mom, a friend, an employee, etc. I feel like I’m just not living up to the expectations I have for myself.

So last night I just lost it. This was partly hormonally based, and partly because I had a rough night with Max, but the moment my husband got home from work, I was a blubbering mess. He was rightly confused and asked what was wrong.


“Everything!” I wailed. I proceeded to give him the run-down. One major concern that I have right now, that’s really weighing on me and is ultimately the source of this turmoil, is that I want to be the best mom I can be. Max is getting older and I feel like I’m missing valuable time with him while I’m at work. This is the only time he will be young, and I want to enjoy every moment I can with him. I try to cram it all in on the weekends, but I still feel like there’s all this time when I’m not there.

I’m sure that every working parent struggles with this. How much time is enough with your kid? Is he forever going to remember that mom was always at work? That mommy was often getting emails and having to constantly check her phone while she’s supposed to be playing? I don’t know.

I struggle with this a lot. So in addition to this struggle, I’m also feeling like I can’t keep everything else together. My house is never clean, I’m never caught up on bills, I never see my friends and my husband and I are often passing ships in the night, sharing the pertinent details of the day as one returns from work and the other heads out to work.

So this all came out last night. No “solution” was reached, but my husband did give me a lot of reassurance and the hugs that I needed. And he gave me a gem that I am hanging on to: “You are BLESSED. You may be stressed and feel like you can’t keep up, but you have an amazing and healthy son, family, friends and a good job. It may be hard to keep up with, but the alternative would be worse.” Damn, I married a smart man.

I woke up with puffy eyes and a headache. Things do look better in the morning, and I’m starting to feel better. I just have to let the un-important stuff go and focus on my blessings. And maybe something needs to change with our current schedule. Fortunately, I’ll have an hour and 45 minutes or so of “me-time” (my half marathon) Saturday morning to think about this.

On to the literal trippin’ that occurred. I’m wearing 5 inch wedges this morning – brilliant choice 2 days before a race, I know – and was carrying Max outside with me. I tripped on the floor mat in the garage and toppled over. I managed to keep Max completely upright and didn’t shake him at all. In fact, he laughed 🙂 But my big toe is a little jacked-up – that’s a medical term. Fortunately, all limbs, ankles and other necessary running body parts are intact. It was a little scary, though.

Anyway, now that I’ve poured my heart out, I’m going to face the day with a positive attitude and just relax. I’m also ripping my to-do list to shreds and focusing on my blessings today.

And eating LOTS of chocolate.

Taper Week Exhaustion

My little family
My little family and no, I’m not naked. Just wearing a strapless dress 🙂

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all!!! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and got to celebrate the moms in their life—or be celebrated!

I love my mom and my MIL, but I'm not sharing my Diet Coke with anyone. Nice try.
I love my mom and my MIL, but I’m not sharing my Diet Coke with anyone. Nice try.

We had a great day. My in-laws came over and we enjoyed a yummy breakfast that my husband cooked. I slipped out right after we were done eating and went to my nephew’s dedication ceremony at my sister’s church.

My nephew getting dedicated. He looked like he was really into it!
My nephew getting dedicated. He looked like he was really into it!

I dashed out after it was over and rejoined our celebration at my house. It was pretty low key, but so much fun. I’m not sure I tell my mother-in-law how much she means to me and how much I appreciate all she does for us, so it was nice to have that opportunity.

I slept a little late, so only managed to squeeze a couple of miles in Sunday morning. So I went back out during Max’s nap and ran a few miles. I came home to find my husband rocking and singing to him—my heart always melts when my husband sings to Max—trying to get him back to sleep. I ended up changing quickly and taking him from my husband (who needed to get ready for work) and cuddled him on the couch. It was actually a nice Mother’s Day present to get some extra cuddles with my favorite little guy.

Poor Max had to snuggle with a greasy, post-run mommy!
Poor Max had to snuggle with a greasy, post-run mommy!
Another pic with my favorite guy from this weekend
Another pic with my favorite guy from this weekend

Overall, it was a great day. I didn’t get to see my mom until last night (Monday night) when we celebrated with my family. We had a fun get together at my parents house that included Chinese food and lots of babies—my sister and her husband have a 6-month old and my brother and his wife have 6-month old twins(and a 4-year-old!)—and I forgot to take any pictures. FAIL.

NOT from yesterday - Family pics a few months ago so you can see all the BABIES! And of course Max, who looks thrilled to be in the picture, and my nephew Rory down in front :)
NOT from yesterday – Family pics a few months ago so you can see all the BABIES! And of course Max, who looks thrilled to be in the picture, and my nephew Rory down in front 🙂

Changing tracks, my running last week was decent. I need to start writing down my mileage because, yeah, I’m not really sure how many miles I ran. I know I can use my watch to figure it out, but I don’t always wear it when I run with the stroller or when I run on the treadmill. One of my top goals for marathon training this summer is to keep a running log and stick to it.

Running selfie from last week. I'm way too excited to be on the treadmill at 11 PM. Also, don't mind all the toys behind the treadmill!
Running selfie from last week. I’m way too excited to be on the treadmill at 11 PM. Also, don’t mind all the toys behind the treadmill!

So yeah, if I scrape my fuzzy memory, I think I ran somewhere in the low to mid 30s for mileage—definitely a jump down from the week before. I felt very sluggish during most of last week’s runs. I think the few doubles and one triple I ran the week before that, plus a 12-miler with speed incorporated, kicked my buns. My body has been screaming at me for rest, and I’m trying to oblige.

Resting and drinking lots of juice! This is my current favorite!
Resting and drinking lots of juice! This is my current favorite!

Last week was a cut-back week and now this week (race week!), I’ll be focusing on less mileage and easy paces. I took yesterday completely off and I definitely needed it. This morning I ran 4 miles and focused on keeping my pace in the low 9s. My average pace this morning was a 9:05.

Foam rolling while little man plays
Foam rolling while little man plays

I’m still feeling tired and a bit sluggish, though not as sore as I had been for the past few weeks. I’ve been foam rolling like it’s my job, so that’s helping! The plan this week is to eat well, rest well and get ready to race my heart out on Saturday!

Max isn't sure why he hangs out with these two goofballs...
Max isn’t sure why he hangs out with these two goofballs..

 Do you like tapering?

Not usually, but this time I needed it! I’m excited to see how my training and tapering will pay off this weekend!

Are you a juice-lover?

I’m becoming one. Carrot juice is my new obsession.

Have a great Tuesday!

Two Years Old

Sorry, no running talk today because it’s a special day—Little man is 2 years old!!! I can’t believe how quickly the years have gone by.


getting to know eachother, May 7, 2013


I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to be his mom. He is so smart and funny and perceptive. It is amazing to watch him grow and become a little boy with his own personality. Everyday with him is such a gift, and I try to seize it and enjoy it. Even when he’s throwing a temper tantrum 🙂

A few of Max’s favorite things:

Cars and trucks – specifically Cars from the Disney Cars Movie


Jelly Beans and M&Ms (He calls them “nims”)

His “Gawk” (blanket) he has called it that since he first started talking. He will tell you it’s called a blanket if you ask him what the real name is 🙂


Books – he often tells me he’s reading as he flips through a book


Peanut Butter

Counting—he points to everything and counts, sometimes he gets the numbers right and sometimes he gets ‘em all mixed up (1, 5, 9, 3… ) 🙂

Letters—he has magnetic letters on the refrigerator and foam letters in the bath that he is slightly obsessed with. He knows them all, but definitely not in alphabetical order!

His Daddy – this boy is so lucky to have such a great dad. Andy works full-time nights and weekends, but spends all day playing with Max. They are BFFs

Super Why—his favorite show ever

Stacking blankets and pillows and climbing them

My big strong boy amazes me everyday. I love to run, but this guy trumps running any day. Duh!

Throwback to his first birthday, when he dove head first into the cake! I can’t believe this was a year ago…


 The weeklong celebration of our Maxaroni and Cheese continues tomorrow. Any suggestions on things we should do tomorrow (I’m not working- yay!)?