Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! In case you didn’t know, there are less than two weeks until Christmas. I’ll give you a minute to let that one sink in…

I’m kicking my shopping into high gear this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done a little bit, but I’m nowhere near where I should be. I’ve been a scattered, always behind on everything mess ever since I had a baby. OK, I’m lying. I’ve been like this my whole life. It’s not fair to blame the kiddo 🙂

I have scooped up some great things for my truck-loving little dude. This toy is what I’m most excited about and is sure to be on of his favorites this Christmas.

I can't wait to see his face when he opens this!
I can’t wait to see his face when he opens this!

I also got him a sick pair of Cars sneakers that light-up at Target, but he’s already been sporting them. They’re not only one of my favorites, they’re his, too!

Light-up Cars shoes. Perfection for a 19-month-old with a Car/truck obsession.
Light-up Cars shoes. Perfection for a 19-month-old with a Car/truck obsession.
Sporting his new kicks while coloring - a Cars coloring book, of course.
Sporting his new kicks while coloring – a Cars coloring book, of course.

I bought a few things recently with leftover gift cards from my (30th!) birthday in October. A few of my favorite birthday presents:

Dying over this jacket from Victoria's Secret.
Dying over this jacket from Victoria’s Secret.
A (somewhat) better shot of the boots.
A (somewhat) better shot of the boots.
Plaid tunic that I can actually wear with leggings because it covers my butt!
Plaid tunic that I can actually wear with leggings because it covers my butt!

In honor of my Friday Faves, I’ll share a great treadmill workout I did last night. It’s definitely a fave when I want to crank things up a notch and make 6 miles fly by.

My “Sweat-Your-Ass-Off” Treadmill Workout

1 mile warm-up 

*Bump incline up to 3.0 grade

1 min @ 7.5 (8:00 min pace)

30 seconds @ 8.0 (7:30 pace)

30 seconds @ 8.6 (6:58 pace)

1 min @ 7.0 (8:34 pace) *reduce incline to 1.0 grade

Repeat cycle until you reach 6 miles

1 mile cool down

Adjust the pace based on your level. The first 1-minute interval should be a challenging pace that you could hold for your entire run, while the 30 second intervals should be paces you could not hold for an entire 6 miles. Hard and so hard you’re panting. The second 1-minute interval should be more of a recovery pace. You can also extend the 1 minute “easier” interval to two minutes if you want. You can also leave the incline at 1 percent the entire time, or bump it up even higher if you want your butt to be on fire.

Other Friday Favorites

Smiling's my favorite too, Buddy.
Smiling’s my favorite too, Buddy.

New hair color! A gorgeous blonde ombre I’m in love with.

My fabulous hairstylist and good friend called this "sombre." I have no idea what that means.
My fabulous hairstylist and good friend called this “sombre.” I have no idea what that means.

Christmas cards! I finally got my act together and ordered them. As per usual, I waited until the last minute. Procrastination is also my favorite.

The front…
...and the back. With any luck I'll have these out by Valentine's Day.
…and the back. With any luck I’ll have these out by Valentine’s Day.

Giving back. I’m trying to set a better example for Max about giving to others. So, in an effort to instill a sense of philanthropy and teach him about the giving spirit, he and I hauled bags and bags of his old clothes and mine to Goodwill last weekend. I’m not sure he got it, but one of these days, he will. I’m trying to look for other ways to give back outside of my usual (goodwill, salvation army). This Forbes article is definitely a good place to start.

Last, but most definitely NOT least. My little man. Duh. He’s my most favorite of all.

So. Much. Cuteness.
So. Much. Cuteness.

Have a fabulous day and weekend!

Any favorite charities or ways that you give back during the holidays? What are some of your Friday Favorites?


How To Run At Lunch

Is it seriously Wednesday already? This week is flying by! I also just realized there are only 15 days until Christmas, so maybe I better get my butt in gear and get my shopping done?

Random shoe and tights shot...maybe I should stop taking selfies and Christmas shop!
Random shoe and tights shot…maybe I should stop taking selfies and Christmas shop!

I never did a run recap from last week, so here it is:

Weekly Running Recap 12/1-12/7

Monday 12/1– Rest day

Tuesday 12/2– 4 miles late night T-mill (7:47 pace)

Wednesday 12/3– 5 miles easy outside (8:15 pace)

Thursday 12/4 (Wedding Anniversary!) 4 miles at lunch (forgot Garmin so not sure of the pace, maybe 8:20s?)

Friday 12/5- 6 miles AM (8:00 pace)

Saturday 12/6– 8 miles T-mill tempo during Max’s nap (1 mile at 8:34, 3 miles at 7:41, 3 miles at 7:30, 1 mile at 8:34)

Sunday 12/7– Easy 4 miles (dead Garmin- I think 9 min pace roughly)

Total= 31 miles, which is pretty much where I’ve been settling during the off-season

Shot from Saturday's run. This was before my 1-mile cool down.
Shot from Saturday’s run. This was before my 1-mile cool down.Yes, I was reading People magazine while running 🙂

Max has been begging to go running lately. Every time we walk by the jogging stroller he says “Running! Running!” but it’s just been too cold and windy, or dark out by the time I get home, for us to get out there. It looks like this weekend will be in the upper 40s both days, so we’re definitely going to get out there and enjoy it!

As you can see from my recap, I ran at lunch one day last week. That’s pretty much the norm for me. During marathon training, I did it a lot more often. Which meant getting to work a lot earlier, staying later, or getting work done at night from home. Sacrifices, eh?

Anyway, I’ve had a few people email me about how I run at lunch. Like how does it work with having to get back to my desk and not look like a grease monkey and gross out my co-workers with my stank? It doesn’t. Just kidding (I hope).

Here are some of the ways that I make lunchtime runs work:

  • I run at a nearby park that has showers/bathrooms or at my workplace gym
  • I either take a quick shower if I get really sweaty(I don’t wash my hair—I only do if it’s super hot and I sweat a ton, then I just wear my hair in a wet bun to work), or I just wash my face and reapply my makeup if I don’t get super sweaty
  • I use baby wipes to freshen up when I skip the shower
  • I have thick, long hair and it usually looks pretty nasty if I wear it down after running, so I put it in a pony, bun or braid
  • I eat lunch at my desk when I get back
  • I try to plan my outfit for running days. It’s faster to change into and out of a dress than pants, shirt, sweater etc. I also make sure to pack extra socks!
  • My toiletry kit and my running clothes/shoes are always in my car, so If I have a light day at work or a meeting gets cancelled, I can squeeze in a run

It’s definitely a hell of a lot easier to run at lunch in the winter than in the summer. I personally sweat like a pig in the humid Indiana weather, but in the cold I don’t sweat as much and can get away with a quick freshen-up. I also have walls around my cubicle so people can’t smell me as much 🙂

Another thing to note is that the company I work for encourages wellness and fitness—hence why we have a gym. They offer CrossFit classes, yoga and more, so it’s not out of the norm for people to workout on their lunch breaks here. I am very, very grateful for that. It’s nice to know that I don’t always have to run at the crack of dawn or after Max goes to bed!

Do you ever run or workout on your lunch break? Any secret tips you want to share?

The Only Thing This Runner Wants for Christmas

jesse spano gif

Time. I would give quite a lot for some time. I might even quit drinking Diet Coke if someone offered me an extra hour in the day…maybe.

Seriously though, I don’t need a bunch of fancy gadgets for Christmas this year. The only thing I need is a 25-hour day. Then I might possibly be able to find more time to run. Of course, I’d probably fill that hour with watching horrible reality shows—Real Housewives of wherever—and eating chocolate. I would have good intentions for that hour, though 🙂

Since it’s not possible to add an hour to the day, I’ve been thinking about how I can find more of this magical thing called time. My list of ways to carve out some of the most precious commodity known to man—and woman—include:

  • Lay off the social media—no brainer
  • Stop watching pointless television
  • Childcare swap—watch a friend’s kid so they can do something, they watch my kid so I can do something. Everyone is happy.
  • Get up earlier—this goes hand-in-hand with not watching pointless TV. I need to turn the boob tube off and go to bed.
  • Pick out outfits for the week on Sundays. Lay them out. No more outfit drama in the mornings.
  • Teach my toddler how to clean bathrooms—wishful thinking

I could probably add like 50 more things to this list, but these are the easiest to implement right now. I’m definitely doing a babysitting swap this weekend. I’m also setting a social media time limit of 30-minutes per day. I’m sorry to anyone whose posts I miss. I love the pictures of your kids/animals/friends and I would spend all day looking at them if I could, but I need to be more productive, darn it.

If you’re looking for something to give a runner in your life, give them some time. Offer to watch their kids so they can squeeze in a run. Bring ‘em a casserole or some takeout on a night they have to work late. Giving someone the gift of an extra hour doesn’t cost you much and can really make your loved one’s day.

In other news, I ran 31 miles last week and have run 19 miles this week, including one speed session and one hill session. Not too bad. Today’s run was an easy 6 this morning, and then I’m going to strength train tonight after the kiddo hits the hay. I haven’t done a very good job so far of sticking to my strength train 2-3 times per week plan. I’ve managed one full body session per week consistently, and the occasional second day. I’m not perfect, I meet some goals and I fail at others, but I keep on trying!

Life has been busy and fun lately. We’re taking the little dude to see Santa on Sunday. Fingers crossed that Max doesn’t freak out 🙂 Little man is cutting multiple molars right now and has been waking up in the middle of the night quite a lot lately. I’m hoping he gets some relief once they’ve all broken through. Poor little guy. I secretly love that he’s been extra snuggly lately, though.

Anyway, I’m off to eat candy and watch Reality TV—I mean plan my outfits for the week, diligently avoid Instagram and do some strength training 😉